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The introduction of modern 3D technology in the design!

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  • Technologies do not stand still, 3D - modeling is used today in many industries, including the refrigeration industry. There are a large number of features and functions that 3D modeling can embody in industrial refrigeration design. Now the planned objects, their volumetric location and proportional ratio relative to other objects, can be viewed in advance, both in general and in detail. This will help to visually see the result, display all errors and prevent them even before the project. So, having at our disposal 3D modeling of technological objects, we provide an opportunity to review in detail any mechanism, as well as to be able to come up with new ways of developing production, without burning with real mistakes.
  • Фруктохранилище 3D
  • 3D modeling of fruit and vegetable stores
  • Performing design on the basis of three-dimensional modeling of elements, we significantly speed up the work. This method allows us to create any objects, spare parts, mechanisms of industrial refrigeration equipment. In addition, it allows to consider various options for the location of refrigeration equipment and choose the most optimal and functional option.